Black Magic, Just Veggie-Tale or an Offering to the Spirit of Oya in Javea?

On 7th May, a member of the Javea Connect group posted the above cover photo and the question……

“Really strange, does anyone know what this means? Aubergines at the back of the cemetery in Javea, with candles next to them. Second time this has happened”

Well it appears to have caught the attention of the press and today an article appeared in

The rite of the aubergines arrives at the Javea cemetery

Persons unknown have made offerings in the cemetery where they have deposited a number of aubergines and candles.

Aubergines have become a mystery in Javea ! Strangers appear to have left these vegetables in the same place on about 20 occasions during the past year. It seems to be an esoteric offering at one of the rear (service) gates to the Javea cemetery.

More than one resident of the area who has passed by the northern wall of the cemetery has been astonished by the presence these very fresh egg plants. 

The exact purpose of the ritual is, however, a mystery. Those who consistently  leave aubergines next to the cemetery door could simply make an offering to the dead or perhaps even practicing some kind of sorcery or witchcraft. It seems though, that local people do not believe that it is about any evil or satanic ritual. The neighbours who have found the aubergines have been surprised, but not afraid. Whatever the ritual, they feel that there is no black magic behind it, no witchcraft or anything that “weird”.

Aubergines have always, apparently, had a life outside of the kitchen. They are from the Solanaceae family, that is, they are related to belladonna, mandrake and henbane. 
A little further delving, did, however, reveal:-
  • That the condemned witches of Toledo were marched through the town and pelted with aubergines as part of their punishment.
  • It is believed that eggplant originated in India but it was first cultivated in China. 
  • Eggplant seeds contain nicotine. About 20 pounds will equal the same amount as a cigarette.
  • Eggplant is a Jupiter plant. It can be used in magical cooking to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Someone left eggplants at the gate of a cemetery (the Second Cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue). Googling “eggplants and cemeteries” found that, yes, it’s a thing! According to a few sites, it’s an offering to the spirit Oya, who is an orisha. This particular Orisha has influence over death and cemeteries.
  • God, I love Google!!!!
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