Between a Rock and a Hard Place…Hoteliers reject the plan of De-escalation

The hoteliers have issued a statement, which, contrary to the first reading that produced some optimism and some confusion at the same time.


In line with the statements made by the President of the Spanish Hotel Industry, José Luis Izuel, on the de-escalation plans presented yesterday by the Government, AETHMA wishes to express its indignation, concern and disconcertment at such measures for the following reasons:

  • The proposed measures are going to mean the closure of more than 30% of hotel and catering establishments and the delay in opening a greater percentage of small businesses.
  • Reducing the number of terraces to 30 % of the capacity makes their maintenance unviable as it is impossible to cover the costs generated.
  • We are unaware of the Technical Specifications and Guarantee Seal for the Prevention of COVID-19, which the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) is working on with the consensus of all the employers, trade unions, autonomous communities, municipalities and health authorities to implement at a national level. Likewise, we request the Government to have the necessary PPE and hydrogels so that the hotel and catering establishments can resume their activity from May 4th.
  • We have not been told what flexibility in the ERTEs consists of, maintaining the circumstance of force majeure in the progressive reincorporation of workers, so important in order to keep our companies on their feet, nor do we know anything about the repeal of the clause on maintaining employment for six months, which would be suicidal for any company. How am I going to keep my workforce with 30% of the occupation just on the terrace?
  • We need another set of economic guarantees, such as tax and municipal tax exemptions (which we continue to work on with our mayors). Nor has there been any mention of financing measures for small businesses, which we have repeatedly requested for microcredit of up to 25,000 euros with minimum interest.
  • We do not know how the serious issue of rentals that are choking a lot of businesses is going to be solved.

In short, it is clear to our partners that under these conditions it will be very difficult for them to open.

It is essential that the Valencian authorities and our mayors support us at this time. We are a sector that directly represents 14% of the GDP and yes, let us talk about diversification of economic models, but when we solve the current problems, let us not be demagogic.

Now is the time to act urgently and resolve the immediate. Let us continue to fight for our partners, our workers and our citizens. The survival of the sector affects everyone. Our demands want to add up. AEHTMA and its partners understand that to be able to continue with our companies it is necessary to begin to approve the solutions and measures that the sector has requested, otherwise by dignity the hotel trade will not be able to open in any way in these conditions.