A new group for those who want to shed some kilos and can give up those naughty carbs.

The Keto diet is pretty much a household name now and has been followed successfully for a number of years and by millions of people I would imagine.

I personally have followed the Keto plan and know for sure that, as long as you can bear to live without bread and other starchy foods, it will work and will give you more energy and make you feel .. well… good.

But the reason that I have so much faith in it is mainly due to my partner, who, after battling with his weight for 20 years, finally took my advice and started the plan last January. By the end of 2020, he had lost a whomping 7 stones ( will go look that up in kilos as I am old….. bear with…..44.5 kilos.)

But I digress… last week a conversation began on the Moraira group and escalated quite quickly. It soon became apparent by the comments, that people were interested and there was a suggestion that a group be formed for people to help each other, give advice, recipes and tips on the subject.

The gauntlet was kindly picked up by a friend of mine and his wife, Paul and Victoria and today they launched the Marina Alta Keto Facebook group. The link to the group can be found below.

Please note that there is no financial interest here by anyone at all, least of all by HOVIS ;)…… See you there! Oh – and if you think admin is tough on JC, wait until you meet Paul 🤣😂 Just joking Paul, really. 😉

Click the photo below – it will take you to the new Facebook group.

Keto diet concept. Ketogenic diet food. Balanced low-carb food background. Vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, nuts on wooden background. top view