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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Can you help build their “tomorrow”

by Loraine Gostling

An appeal from Niamh O’Sheehan

Good day to you all Javea neighbours. PLEASE TAKE 5 MINS TO READ THIS.

For those of you who have followed and contributed to the beautiful Sensory Garden project at the La Xara Centre for people with special needs. WE FINALLY HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT!

After months of being unable to access the facility the project will go ahead the end of September. Lee Charlesworth of Charlesworth Garden has created the most beautiful design. We have several skilled volunteers (more are welcome!) and the support of Amicitia who run volunteer projects for young people to learn new skills and have amazing life experiences.

We have the support of the La Xara town hall who are providing the expensive heavy equipment, man power and trees! We have some money in the pot and masses of MOTIVATION! But…. we need more!

1. We need 11 groups to create a piece of art that will become part of the outdoor Sensory Garden art gallery. If you, or your local group, would like to volunteer to help us create something beautiful please get in touch for more details. Young people. Old people. All people! Art groups, music groups or any old type of group! You’ll have your very own unveiling ceremony AND the brass plaque. And you will give tremendous joy and beauty.

2. We need a large water feature and some sturdy outdoor garden benches. These are expensive but maybe you have something we could upcycle or recycle that you no longer use.

3. We need materials and plants. Please contact us and make an important difference to these guys. I know there are builders merchants out there who can spare us a few bits. And I appeal to you to please contribute. Happy to discuss the list and see if you can make a dent in it.

4. We need skilled workers and volunteers. We understand how busy everyone is and time is precious but if you would like to be part of creating something really special then we need your expertise. There are walls to be built, a stage to be built and a ramp to be installed. If your team could offer a day or two to complete any small part of this then we would be so tremendously grateful.

5. We need more cash! 12 year old Oscar raised almost €5000 with his 300km Camino Santiago walk. But it’s a BIG garden. And materials are expensive. If your business would like to sponsor a wall, flower bed or piece of art then please get in touch. We need your help and you’ll make a difference. It is exciting and daunting that we are finally about to embark on this project.

I’m just ‘lil old me and Oscar is just 12 and obviously we are not the most experienced project managers on the planet! But with your help and some community spirit we can pull together and see this thing finally happen. These guys are much less fortunate than us and are so deserved of a beautiful garden to enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from you. Post here, send me a private message or WhatsApp me +34 676507791

Read Oscar’s story…..

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