Monday, May 23, 2022
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Forthcoming entertainment in Javea

Councillor Quico Moragues today presented the new programme for the first four months of the year, an agenda full of more than interesting proposals in genres including theatre, music, cinema, art and literature.

The councillor has maintained all the previous event diversty: classical music, Jazz a 100, theatre and children’s theatre, cinema in Valencià and Dijous de Comèdia, as well as the Xàbia Folk festival and the Ojos Rojos festival, which changes its dates and will be held in spring.

The 125th anniversary of Sorolla’s arrival in Xàbia will also be celebrated with the presentation of the book “Xàbia in the life and work of Joaquín Sorolla”, conferences and the inauguration of the bronze sculpture being finalised by the artist Javier de Benito.

Moragues was also very excited about the exhibition “The Century of Balenciaga”, which will be the main feature of the summer artistic agenda, and about the high level of the concerts programmed in the classical music series (with the Casulana quartet, the quintet of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Xàbia, and the quintet of the Filarmónica de la Música de la Música), the Berlin Philharmonic quintet, the sacred music show Il Dolce Incontro or the Azahar Ensemble quintet) and Jazz a 100 (with Juana Guillem & Jazz trio, Jeff Jerolamon jazz experience, the neo-soul group in Valencià led by Pete Lala, the Nacho Mañó quartet or Valmuz).

In theatre, humour will take centre stage with performances such as that of the well-known comedian Emma Ozores, who will perform the play “El último que apagague la luz” and shows such as “De todas las bellas, las más bellotas”, “Va com va” by Marina Mulet and the theatrical comedy about the emptied Spain “Las Mañas” by Teatre Artimaña. And the Dijous de Comèdia monologues return with Rocío Ladrón de Guevara, Darío Piera, Chely Capitán, Saray Cerro and Paco Enlaluna.

There will also be several performances for children, theatre, puppet shows and films as part of the Cinema en Valencià event.

The agenda is completed with exhibitions in all the rooms, already programmed until the summer of 2023 and literary presentations, municipal publications or acts around the reading that promotes the Library for the Week of the Book, which this year is dedicated to Joan Fuster.

The councillor pointed out that the department is still finalising performances, so there may still be some surprises, and said that they are also working to ensure that the Xàbia Folk (in May) has a very powerful headliner to commemorate its 20th edition.

Moragues has encouraged the entire population to enjoy the culture, which will be present every weekend – except when there are festivals – always with free access or very popular prices.


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