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Recently we needed to change webmaster and servers for a business webpage.

Previous changeovers had been stressful and problematic , resulting in downtime on our webpage and email communications.

Having been recommended Kate i approached her listing my demands/ expectations .... and only heard “no problem at all” 🙂

The changeover was remarkably smooth (although i know she did have some challenges but Kate did not transmit the worry to me) communication was fluid efficient and i received constant updates on progress. For me it was 100% worry free. AMAZING !!

Finally, being a bit of a technophobic Kate held my hand virtually,  leading me step by step through the device sign up and confirmation procedure. Again totally smooth.

If  you are looking for Web designer/ tech support/ maintenance i can honestly say i can personally recommend Kate. I am so pleased. She made a painful stressful procedure so relaxed and easy.

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