Tuesday, November 28, 2023

January to May 2023 Javea Cultural Events

City Council has presented the cultural programme for the first half of 2023.

A powerful combination of theatre, music, art and literature organised in different festivals.

Musical feature, “Els colors de la música” will have other interesting events such as the one that comes from the Cor de la Generalitat (March 10) and a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti (April 29), performed by his granddaughter, the soprano Simona Todaro Pavarotti.

Javea also maintains its Jazz season with four concerts, including Sergio Pereira, Ales Cesarini, Kontxi Lorente, Latino
Blanco and Eva Catalá, Joan Soler and Sara Dowling.

Faithful to its appointment with the public, also return festivals such as the Xàbia Folk (from 5 to 7 May) and the newly created as the Arenal Blues in the Arenal (from 17 to 19 March) and the Swing Sun-Day, which once a month will delight the fans of lindy hop with very lindy hop with very danceable concerts in the Plaza Comare Maruja Varó.

For photography lovers, this year Ojos Rojos comes with Peru as guest country and one of the best photographers in the world.
and one of the best photographers in our country, Isabel Muñoz.

There will also be space for art, with a calendar of exhibitions that is renewed every month, and for literature, with presentations
and for literature, with presentations and the Book Week, in which authors such as the poet Jaime authors will participate as the poet Jaime Siles or Rafa Lahuerta.
The Councillor for Culture has pointed out that all activities will be free or very affordable tickets (between 3 and 5 euros).
tickets (between 3 and 5 euros) . All the programming can be found in a small magazine which also incorporates a directory with all the associations and cultural organizations of Xàbia and how to contact them.

Translated with DeepL