Will we be limited in our homes again?

We still await the final outcome…..

There has been a lot of news of late regarding the Valencian regional government wishing to restrict meetings in homes from the current 6, to only those who co-habit.

This is the latest information on the subject via Las Provincias.

“The Council is determined to restrict meetings in homes for all people who are not cohabitants, even if it has no way of controlling it . The Valencian Executive spokeswoman and vice president, Monica Oltra, confirmed this morning during the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell that the ban will be “imminent” by publishing a decree from the president. “

And how will the application of this rule be controlled, which will prohibit meetings in homes for people outside the nucleus of coexistence?

You can read the full report via this link… https://www.lasprovincias.es/…/consell-prohibira…