Firstly, for those who are still unsure of what a Gota Fria ( or DAMA) actually is and why it happens, here is an explanation, as brief as we can make it.

The cold drop , DANA (isolated depression at high levels)  is an annual weather phenomenon that usually coincides with the onset of autumn and spring in the western Mediterranean . 

It is particularly experienced here in Spain and more specifically along our east coast and our neighbouring islands, the Balearics. Broadly speaking, the “cold drop” is the result of a front of cold polar air ( jet stream ) that moves slowly over Western Europe at high altitude (usually 5-9 km) and which, when colliding with the warmest and wettest air of the Mediterranean Sea , generates strong and, in a lot of cases, quite harmful storms . 

This phenomenon is also visible in the vicinity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Here is a Gota Fria in action………..

COLLAPSING CLOUDSThis is what we are experiencing now here on the Costa Blanca. It's called "GOTA FRIA" (Cold Drop) The difference between a "gota fria" storm and a normal storm, this video will help to explain it. As the cold air passes on top of the warmer air over the Mediterranean, it cause large clouds to simply collapse, causing a lake to fall out of the sky, as much as 300 litres that can fall in one square metre. That is why it is known as the Cold drop (gota fria). Thanks for posting Dino (Y)

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The last major Gota Fria that hit Javea was in 2007 and we have had some others, such as the storm in April, that caused un unbelievable amount of damage. But this time, we were ready for her!

The mayor of Javea ensured that the “dam” on Arenal beach (locally known as “Jose’s Wall”) was in place before the first night of the storm on Wednesday.

Aftermath photo via Javea Connect group by Ina van der Laan-Geerdes

There was some overnight damage, particularly in Denia but the following day, Thursday, the day of the predicted Gota Fria, was fairly calm in Javea, compared, that is, to the chaos further south where it hit Alicant airport and caused delays, cancellations and mayhem in the flooded car parks and on the roads. Not to mention the elevators and security gates!

But further south, they were not so lucky… here are some videos which were shown on the group over the last couple of days.

The lifts at Alicante airport on Thursday night…………

Alicante Airport is having some serious problems with the aftermath of the storm. With several power cuts, the entrance and exit to the airport is blocked due to flooded roads and the lift seems to have a small (ish) drip! ☔️ However all agencies are working tirelessly to restore all services. Please bare with us 😊 more info join

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No thanks… I’ll walk up!

And airport security too!

Hey! Only 100ml of liquid can pass through here… we thought!!

A man whose car is more important than his safety in Callosa de Segura!!

Man gambles with life to save car during flash floods in Callosa de Segura

Don't try this at home!! Man gambles with his life to save car on steep incline as flash floods rock Callosa de Segura… via @ProyectoMastral

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Tromba in Moixent (Valencia ) Creepy images from the north of the province

¡Impresionante! Tromba en Moixent (Valencia)

Espeluznantes las imágenes y los registros que llegan desde el norte de la provincia de Alicante y sur de la provincia de Valencia. Allí los registros superan en algunos puntos los 400 litros por metro cuadrado, en Ontinyent están evacuando a personas, se ha desbordado un rio y en Moixent la riada se llevaba así los coches. Vídeo: AVAMET.

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Rescue of a family in Caudete, after being trapped on the roof of a house.

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What a mess! Highway CV-930, fast track of Orihuela (Alicante)

¡Qué desastre! Carretera CV-930, vía rápida de Orihuela (Alicante)

¡Absolutamente brutal! Carretera CV-930, más conocida como la vía rápida de acceso a #Orihuela desde la Autovía A-7. Aparcamiento asociado al Concesionario Grupo Marcos. Vídeo vía Fran Sánchez.

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Well, we hope we are over the worst now and the sun will put its hat on again next week.