Valencian borders to remain closed during Easter

It is a national debate but one that has a more than direct effect on people’s daily lives and also on the battered tourist economy. But Ximo Puig has already made a move: he has agreed with the presidents of the neighbouring communities of Valencia, that is, those of Catalonia, Murcia, the Balearic Islands, Castilla La Mancha and Aragón, a common front to close all borders during that Holy Week and so reduce the possibilities of a fourth wave. 

According to sources from the Generalitat, the harmony between all these territories is total despite the fact that they are leaders of different political parties.

This common front would also achieve double control over possible visitors from Madrid, which does advocate opening those borders and relaxing the restrictions for those dates.

 In other words, tourists from the Madrid community would have two community boundaries to cross -the other would be especially Castilla-La Mancha- to get from the capital to enclaves on the Valencian coast such as the Marina Alta. A full-fledged message to Madrid’s Isabel Ayuso, whose community is the one with the highest cumulative incidence in Spain at this time and is one of those with the fewest restrictions on mobility.

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