Update on ITV tests. You can now have your vehicle added to a waiting list.

This notice is now on the Circuitv website:-

Due to the uncertainty about the opening of the ITV service and the validity of the exceptional State of Alarm declared by the Government of the Nation, we put at your disposal this new service of WAITING LIST so that it makes us aware of your needs and preferences in terms of passing the ITV of your vehicle or vehicles, so that we can manage your request in an orderly manner and with the proper priorities once the service is restored by the competent authorities.

The reopening of the ITV service will be clearly communicated as soon as we become aware of it, but a special priority will be given to those vehicles whose ITV passing date was within the alarm period.

For this reason, we would appreciate it if you would show us your preferences in terms of the day of the week and in time slots, to try to adjust to your request as much as possible.

At the appropriate time, our customer service department will contact you (via telephone, sms, mail) to indicate the date and time assigned for the passage of the ITV and adjust the precise appointment. At that time we will be in a position to transmit the applicable safety and hygiene standards that apply to it.

Attention, this waiting list does not apply to garage workshops

We are at your service.

Remember that you can contact us at: www.circuitv.com, or on the customer service phone: 962 86 22 33.