2020 Tomatina is Cancelled

Officially announced on the website now.

We will leave the history on here and hopefully 2021 will see a new beginning.

  • When: This year was to be August 26th 2020. Tomatina Festival normally  takes place annually during the last Wednesday of August.
  • Where: In Buñol, a little village near Valencia, Spain. Population around 10.000 people. Located 40 km from Valencia by bus, train or car.
  • Why: In 1945 some young boys decided to take part in a parade during the town festivities. The sheer energy of these youngsters made one of the participants fall over and get mad, then he started to strike everything in his way. Nearby there was a vegetable stall that fell victim of the furious crowd: people started to pelt each other with tomatoes. You can read more here  about the origins of this world famous festivity. **The video above tells a little different story.
  • What’s your ammunition? 120 tons of ripe red tomatoes.
  • Who?: Locals and people from all over the world. Maximum capacity: 22,000 people. Just for adults who are at least 18 years old.
  • How?: Tomatina Festival begins at 11am with a big bang. Trucks loaded with tomatoes proceed to drive through the fighting area while some locals in the back of the trucks are throwing tomatoes at all of the participants. As soon as the truck passes, everyone dives on the ground scooping tomatoes to get themselves armed for the battle…that’s when the fun begins!
  • The following hour is one of the most intense and hilarious experiences of your life.
  •  Or so I am told  😉