To try and avoid further ‘brotes/spikes’ to occur and to contain existing ones, Health Minister Illa announced this afternoon that the health authorities in all the Autonomous Communities have unanimously decided on the implementation of the following measures, effective immediately.

* Night clubs, discos etc. will remain closed
* Bars, restaurants etc. will close at 01.00 AM, customers at the bar need to keep a social distance of at least 1,5 m. Same distance between tables and customers. Groups consisting of 10 people maximum.
* Every cultural event will be evaluated according to a set series of criteria, to decide whether it can take place or not.
* More PCR tests being carried out at socio-sanitary centres, like residencies for elderly. E.g. for employees returning to work.
* Alcohol consumption in the street is strictly forbidden and authorities are to uphold the rule and apply strict sanctions.
* Smoking in the open air, terraces etc. Not allowed if not keeping at least a distance of 2 meter to other people. The same goes for vaping and waterpipes.

* As few contacts with people outside direct family group as possible. Any social gatherings to limit to max. of 10 people.

Information via CAB Spain.