Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thieves operating – tonight in Mercadona car park

A story told on the group tonight made members both angry and sad. Here is what Maggie told us…

A warning to all shoppers at the Javea Mercadona on the dual carriageway.
I locked my car before going into Mercadona.
When I had finished shopping I zapped open my car door and loaded the back seat with shopping plus my handbag.
I then zapped to lock the door before taking my trolley back.
The zapper didn’t work.I stood for a few minutes trying to lock the door but to no avail.
As I was just running back the trolley I left the car unlocked.
I discovered my bag had been stolen in that time.
I spent an hour at Guardia Civil reporting it.
All money bank cards TIE card Driving license and medical cards…plus money all stolen. Plus my mobile which had special family photos..not recoverable.
Please would you kindly look out for a navy handbag with long strap in the hope that the thieves may have just taken the money and discarded the bag with its contents.
Thank you. Please be alert.

I asked Maggie’s permission to publish her post and having readily agreed, she told us more. Worrying and very sad…

Lorraine ..not at all ..I would like as many people to know about it.
I couldn’t understand why my zapper wouldn’t work as it has never failed before. It had been suggested that the robbers are able to immobilize your zapper so that you would leave the car unlocked…as I did. I only went to put my trolley away.
I’m heartbroken because I had loads of photos of my husband who passed away two years ago. They are irreplaceable.
Sadly I had a Hueawe mobile which is not compatible with my iPad.
Thank you.

If anyone has any information whatsoever that would help to locate Maggie’s stolen belongings, please message us as [email protected]

And please be careful, especially as Christmas approaches- the opportunists and downright crooks will be out in force!

Photo:King Price Insurance



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