The Valencian Government will build three field hospitals 1,100 beds – 500 of which will be ready in 15 days

They are made with deployable containers connected to each other by tunnels which it is completely isolated from the outside.

 This construction of three field hospitals in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón  ahs been announced by President Ximo Puig, after a videoconference held with the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló.

The President stressed that the objective of this measure is “to provide maximum security to the entire Valencian health system.” “So far, the resources are sufficient to meet the demand for care, but it is necessary to have all the scenarios planned to anticipate the needs,”.

The three field hospitals, which will be located next to other hospitals in the three provincial capitals, will mean an increase of 1,100 new beds to the hospital system , which will be distributed as follows: 500 in Valencia, 400 in Alicante and 200 in Castellón.

Hospital with 200 beds.
Hospital with 200 beds.

Almost half of these beds will be available within 15 days.

In addition, agreements have already been signed with hotel companies to increase the number of care beds. The first agreements are in Valencia and Alicante.

Further information

They will be installed near reference hospitals and will have the following characteristics:

– Hospitals Interoperable with the reference hospital thanks to its communication systems.

– modular according to operational requirements.

– Air-conditioned.

They will have the following services:

– Isolation unit.

– quarantine zone.

– bathroom and toilet areas for both sexes.

– reception area.

– triage area.

-medical staff rest area.

They are field hospitals, but designed to operate over long periods of time.

They have the same benefits as a construction hospital due to the high quality of materials used to insulate the interior from the exterior.