The Valencian Community will fine up to 60,000 euros and close premises for failing to comply with the measures against the coronavirus

The mayor of Valencia also asks to restrict the night activity of bars and clubs.

Concern about the evolution of the epidemic increases every day throughout Spain. In the Valencian Community, the Executive has today approved a decree with sanctions for those who fail to comply with the health prevention regulations. 

Sanctions range from €60 for ‘light’ infractions to €60,000 for the most serious offences – and businesses can even be closed down.A decree was approved in the regional parliament this morning and it covers the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.Explaining the legislation, councillor for justice Gabriela Bravo noted that offences have been divided into light, serious and very serious categories.In the ‘light infraction’ bracket, fines range from €60 to €600.People who are not wearing a face mask in public – or not wearing it correctly – will incur a maximum fine of €100.Also in this section is the failure of a business or association to inform their clients about the obligatory use of a face mask, social distancing and the number of people allowed in the premises – and businesses not adhering to hygiene measures set out in the legislation.The larger fines will be levied for infractions such as organising or taking part in illegal parties or meetings which lead to large crowds gathering; bars/restaurants not adhering to the distance regulation between tables, which is 1.5 metres on terraces; exceeding the permitted number of customers allowed in a premises; They also also contemplate the closure of premises and businesses when, for example, the permitted capacity is exceeded and there are minors or people over 65 within the premises. Also for not staying at home when diagnosed with Covid-19; etc.Businesses can be closed down for six months for serious offences; and between three to 10 years for very serious offences.

“Irresponsible and unsupportive behaviour cannot be tolerated and could lead to even more drastic measures that no one wants nor can it be afforded,” said the Minister of Justice and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo, when presenting the decree.

The Vice President of the Generalitat, Mònica Oltra, has admitted that the developments of the epidemic will almost certainly force Administrations to progressively tighten regulations in all areas. “Next week,” she announced, “new restrictions will be approved in the area of nursing homes. It is very difficult to make long-term forecasts about the epidemic,” Oltra said at the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell de la Generalitat.

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has asked, for his part, to restrict the night activity of bars and clubs, after analysis of the sewage has reflected a significant rise in traces of covid in various neighbourhoods of the city . The Minister of Justice and Public Administration has responded that the limitation of nightlife is the responsibility of the health authorities, which already imposed it a week ago in Gandia .

The Ministry of Health yesterday (23rd July) reported 86 new positives but no deaths in the Valencian Community due to covid in the previous 24 hours, as well as the detection of five new outbreaks.