Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Sports Department is now launching the Xàbia Camina and Nada’M projects.

A series of urban and nature routes to promote physical activity, especially walking, jogging, running and swimming, all of which are so beneficial to the health of people of all ages.

There will be signposting of a dozen land routes and two marine routes (with panels providing information on the routes) and the scheduling of excursions, guided by monitors and programmed for the whole year.

As the councillor for Sports, Alberto Tur, explains, this project aims to motivate or help to consolidate healthy habits among the population by considering it as a pastime and not a competition, offering a range of possibilities according to personal abilities.

For this reason there are routes for all levels and tastes.

The urban itineraries cover the entire municipality; from Cala Blanca, Primer Muntanyar, Camí Vell de la Mar, Duanes, Barranc de Lluca, Olivera milenaria, la Soberana, Gorgos, Entre barris, Arenal, Molins and Pla, while those that run through nature are the ones that are mapped out by the Department of Tourism as a network of natural spaces (from the port to the Montgó via the Tangó or the Molins, the forest area of Granadella, la Barraca and Cap Prim or the hermitage of Santa Llúcia).

As for the swimming routes, its starts with two: one along the beach of La Grava (which is signposted all year round) and the other one along the beach of La Grava (which is signposted all year round) and another along the Primer Montañar.

Non-competitive walks or jogging outings in groups, suitable for all ages, will be held during some afternoons and Saturday mornings.

In this programme, the council will count on the collaboration of the Centro Excursionist Centre and the Llebeig Athletics Club.
Also in the aquatic activities, the intention will be to take advantage of the opening of the municipal swimming pool, to tutor the preparation with a monitor to encourage open water swimming.


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