The self-employed will not now have to process the cessation of activity to qualify for social aid.

They may combine the extraordinary benefit with the moratorium on rents or the social bonus. This first has to be be approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers.

The Government will have to rectify, for the umpteenth time, one of the clauses of a law decree. On this occasion, they must modify one of the requirements for the self-employed to be able to access social assistance. Specifically, to prove their vulnerable situation and to be able to access any of these aids – such as moratoriums on mortgages and rent, the social energy voucher or the partial redemption of pension plans.

The self-employed are obliged to present the certificate of low census issued by the Tax Agency that accredits the closure of their businesses. But this clause cannot be fulfilled by 95% of this group -as the ATA association points out-, since to collect the benefit for cessation of activity with a loss of up to 75% of their income, they must continue to be registered in the Security Social and Finance.