Businesses will be allowed to apply for moratoriums in April. The self-employed will have to wait until May.

New measures for the self-employed due to the coronavirus. The first of these has to do with the moratorium on quotas paid by self-employed workers to Social Security. According to the text that has just been published in the BOE, the April quota for the self-employed cannot be postponed. While the accrual period for companies does include the month of April.

The moratorium affects the payment of quotas whose accrual period, in the case of companies, is between the months of April and June. But in self-employed the dates are different: between May and July 2020, excluding activities that have been suspended due to the state of alarm of March.

In order to access these moratoriums, such intention must be communicated within the first ten days of the normal admission periods. The concession or not will be known within a maximum period of three months, which is the time given to Social Security to respond to the request.

This deferral will include the March quotas, but only for those who are granted cessation of activity due to the coronavirus. The self-employed, who have not paid the quota in said month will be allowed reimbursement without surcharges.

Also included, is the possibility of deferring the payment of previous debts that must be paid between April and June. In case of exercising this new right, an interest of 0.5% will be required. If you wish to access this aid, the interested party must also pronounce himself in the first ten calendar days in which the payment is due.

More moratoriums, in this case to face mortgages that are related to the economic activity of the self-employed. Payments may also be postponed in the case of private homes of the self-employed, since it was not clear before that these were included. Now, self-employed workers also agree to a moratorium of up to three months, simply with a responsible declaration from the beneficiary.

Basic supplies

The self-employed and SMEs will be able to temporarily suspend electricity contracts, or modify them under current circumstances. They will be able to modify the access tolls and adjust the contracted power at no cost and adapted to the new circumstances. These conditions will also apply to natural gas supplies.

The self-employed will be eligible to enter the social bonus. To do this, they will need to have ceased activity or have seen their income reduced by 75%. That is, the same conditions that can lead to the cessation of activity by coronavirus.

Freelancers and SMEs will also be able to suspend the payment of bills for electricity, gas and oil derivatives. The marketers, so that they do not face treasury tensions, may not pay tolls or indirect tax liquidation, during the period of suspension of payment. Guarantees are also activated for these marketers.

Rescue the pension plan

The self-employed who have ceased their activity under the same conditions that allow access to the social bonus, may also withdraw contributions to pension plans.