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Running for Apasa

By Yvette Lund

Hi, my name is Yvette and I am running the Benidorm 10K on 27 November and thought I would take this opportunity to raise funds for a small rescue charity APASA in Spain, where I have recently had the pleasure of walking some gorgeous dogs whilst on my holiday. 

Most communities in Spain maintain a dog shelter, where strays, homeless, ill-treated or merely lost dogs and cats can be cared for. There are rumours that if the animal is not claimed in 21 days, it is sacrificed. In APASA this NEVER happens, hence them having a lot of old dogs. 

Their goal is to find every dog an appropriate new home, but some have spent their whole lives in the shelter, which is heart-breaking . One I walked, has been there from 4 months old and is now 12! They always have several Podencos, which the locals use as hunting dogs, and are very often ill-treated or abandoned. 

Having a very pampered and loved 15 year old dog at home, it makes my heart hurt when I see the love in these dogs, that have never known a home life, or worse still, who have had a home and been given to the shelter when their humans have moved and just left them. They look so lost and betrayed, even if well cared for in the shelter. The shelter is run by all volunteers and funding is raised from charity events and a local second-hand shop. 

I would love to help keep these poochies fed and cared for, so if I can raise any money through my 10K run, I would be thrilled. Thank you for reading and any donations. Yvette xx

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