Recipe for “New Normality”

Next Tuesday the Government will present the Royal Decree Law in which they will establish the preventive measures in the face of the health crisis and with which we are asked to accept as “the new normal” until there is a vaccine.

This morning, Pedro Sánchez met with the regional governments to explain what this new normality will consist of and the powers that local government will have after the end of the state of alarm. For this reason, the Government urges them to act quickly and have the resources to face any type of regrowth of the virus.

These measures, which will be detailed tomorrow and Tuesday, will remain until the crisis ends. They will be those of the last phase, better known as “the new normality.”

In it, one of the most discussed measures is the mandatory use of a mask as imposed a few weeks ago. In any space where the safety distance cannot be kept, people over 6 years of age must wear a mask unless health problems precludes their use). In the case of public transport, it will not be possible to use the services without the use of this protective equipment.

Preventive measures must also be taken in workplaces, health centres, schools, shops, cultural spaces, sports etc …

The autonomies will recover their powers, but they will be obliged to meet certain requirements to ensure that they can cope with any future outbreaks. They must guarantee the response with contingency plans. In other words, having a minimum response in primary and hospital care. Among them, all the suspected cases of COVID-19 are obliged to carry out PCR or derived tests.