Only ONE person per taxi or VTC

The only exception to the rule, which entered into force yesterday, will be the transfer of minors, the elderly or people with disabilities.

The Ministry of Transport only authorises ONE PERSON to travel by taxi or leagl transport vehicle with driver (VTC), according to the order published yesterday in the Official State Gazette (BOE),

In the taxi and VTC sector, the order of the ministry establishes that “the movements carried out in public transport of passengers in a tourist vehicle must be done individually”. Exceptions to this rule will be that the trip is carried out accompanied by “just cause” or that minors, the elderly or people with functional diversity are accompanied.

Although with regard to personal mobility, it should be remembered that in the decree that activated the state of alarm, Chapter 7 limited the freedom of movement of people and urged to carry out the activities allowed on public roads (food shopping, work assistance. ..) “individually, unless accompanying people with disabilities or for other just cause”.

Rent for merchandise

The Ministry of Transport also authorised the opening of establishments dedicated to the leasing of driverless vehicles for the professional use of freight transporters. ” A measure that is adopted to “guarantee the functioning of the operations of transport of goods and ensure the necessary supply of products to the population”. In the case of car rental for individuals, it was only to be allowed to “make possible the return by the lessee of the leased vehicles in a contract signed before, or on March 19th.

In road passenger transport, passengers must enter the bus through the back door, except if the “the driver is protected by a screen” or “in the event that the ticket is to be purchased inside”. As has happened with the rest of public transport, “the maximum possible separation between passengers” will be sought, thus avoiding “the occupation of more than a third of the available seats” and “the row after the seat occupied must be empty” by the driver “.