Latest Clarifications

Clarifications about the State of Alarm. In Relation to RD 463/2020 State of Alarm. Date 16/3/2020

These criteria can vary as the situation evolves with the current situation of the State of Alarm, becoming more or less restrictive.

Article 7- Limitation of Freedom of People

All  permitted tasks must be done individually,  unless accompanied by persons with disabilities, minors, the elderly, or for some other justifiable reason. ( See BOE)

In the specific case of going to a place of work to carry out work (laboral, professional or business): (The same point applies in a car)

Justifiable reasons :

  • Not having a driving licence
  • Persons that live together and going to the same place of work or closeby
  • Returning to your usual home in a family group
  • Use of a taxi by a driver and one passenger (plus an incapacitated person or for some other justifiable reason)
  • It will be allowed for one person to walk a dog for the minimum essential time.

Article  10 – Measures in the area of Commercial activity, Cultural facilities, recreational establishments and activities, hostelry and restaurant activities

The opening of Business and retail establishments are suspended, they should have lowered blinds and closed doors. Except for those indicated in the rules.

  • In those that are permitted to open, product consumption is forbidden on their premises. This prevents groups of people and that the consumers and the staff keep a securite distance of at least a metre to avoid possible contagion.
  • Labour activity in all types of establishments is permitted. The only restrictions are the opening of doors to the public of certain businesses and retail establishments. To avoid the unnecessary crowding of people. The others can carry on working as long as health recommendations are adhered to.
  • Commercial stores (food made for take away) where products are not consumed on the premises. It is permitted to`open to the public with the previously expressed rules. To avoid crowds (the number of people
     inside and the rest of the people in the queue, there has to be a metre between them).
  • Hostelry establishments (Bars, restaurants, pizzerias, hamburger places) only it is permitted to do home delivery, not to be collected at the establishment, even if you do not need to go into it.
  • Businesses that have a double function (cafe and bakery), they can carry on open to the public to provide bread, but they cannot offer a coffee to takeaway.

Retail establishments can sell by internet and to home.

  • Certain businesses such as health products and construction materials, the recommendation is that they deliver the materials where it is necessary but it is allowed to collect products previously ordered to carry out labour activity (from a wholesaler) (guaranteeing that there will only be a single client).
    It must be remembered that retail outlets must be closed to the public.
  • In an equal manner commercial activity is permitted for pool product businesses for their clients, with the due precautions of avoiding people crowding, arranging a prior appointment system so that a person can be found in the place to collect any product and another is waiting.

Other activities not included in the rules

  • Transport of Goods. Only passenger transport will be regulated therefore there is no limitation on the transport of goods, or the type of goods, or the destination of the goods.
    The normal rules are still valid for transport of goods. Especially when purchased online.
  • All laboral activity is allowed, including factories. They should follow the appropriate measures of the occupational Risk services, agricultural labour and construction work, and have the corresponding works licence carried out by registered companies.
  • Vehicle Repair Workshops are not permitted to open to the public except for justifiable reasons.

REPEATING…………….. The opening to the public of retail establishments is suspended, with the exception of commercial retail establishments for food, beverages, products and basic necessities, pharmaceutical establishments, health centres, veterinary clinics, opticians and orthopedic products, hygienic products, press and stationery, automotive fuel, tobacconists, technological and telecommunications equipment, pet food, internet commerce, telephone or correspondence, dry cleaners, laundries and the professional practice of hairdressing at home. The activity of any establishment that, in the opinion of the competent authority, may pose a risk of contagion due to the conditions in which it is taking place, will be suspended. ”