Javea News Update


The Local Police have made 51 denuncias for breach of mobility restrictions. Municipal sources have reported, 542 people have been identified on the streets and 991 vehicles circulating against the rules . (It is only allowed to go to and from work, make essential purchases, assist dependents or take pets to do their needs).

In addition, a man who tried to escaped from one of the preventive police checks , was found with a large amount of marijuana inside the vehicle,. He has been detained .


The mayor, José Chulvi, has decreed the implementation of a teleworking system from today for practically all of the municipal staff. In recent days, the New Technologies Departmen has installed the necessary programmes on personal computers to manage the files and an application with which the telephone extensions are diverted to mobile phones and laptops.

The telephone service (965790500) has now become an essential channel for the public administration, as evidenced by the more than 350 calls attended to in the offices during the last week, to which must be added the hundreds of consultations received in the police headquarters and through social media.

In the coming weeks, only work that is impossible to outsource, such as the one necessary to continue paying suppliers or register documents, will be done in municipal departments. Local police and cleaning services will also continue on the streets in compliance with the essential functions of this state of emergency.

The mayor has stated that attention is totally guaranteed, as is the political management, as the councillors continue to run their departments, taking care of the needs and doubts generated by this unprecedented situation and keeping in constant contact through teleworking means.
In fact, today they held a group meeting to define the measures being taken to ensure that no one is left unprotected and to estimate how this crisis will affect the economy in order to plan the initial aid package. This afternoon there will be a meeting of spokespersons of all the political parties for them to make their contribution and be completely informed.
The whole system is also being set up so that next week the first teleworking plenary session in municipal history can take place.

The Guardia Civil have indicated that they have filed around 40 cases since the first day of lockdown.


Waste collection service is maintained daily in Javea and special cleaning measures are also being carried out on public roads. The workers of the municipal service are cleaning different points of the municipality with water and sanitizing products, especially near supermarkets, health centres and waste collection points. Collaboration is requested in the correct use of green points and containers.

The only Javea health centre now open

Within the contingency plan deployed by the Health administration, the port’s Health Centre is closed to the public (the Arenal seasonal ambulatory will not open either). All attention has been centralized in the old town’s Health Centre, which is the one with the Emergency Service active.

The Ministry of Health have reported that the chronic treatments that were about to expire have been automatically extended for two additional months to their date as of 18th March to avoid thousands of visits to health centres.

Theft alert: Thieves posing as specialists

The thieves’ imaginations are endless.  They pose as Health specialists with the excuse that they are going to carry out a home inspection or disinfect the home, they then rob their victims, who in most of the cases are older people. They also indicate is that they have come to carry out the tests for the coronavirus.

Expect document checks

Guardia Civil, as the competent authority in the State of Alarm, ensure that all citizens comply with the measures ordered by the Government and do not leave home or at least leave for what is permitted and necessary. Thus, for this rule to be complied with, the Benemérita agents warn that they will begin to ask for company receipts to be able to move from the home to the job, as well as tickets for the purchase made, boarding passes. etc.

Source: Javea.com