Further plans for gradual de-escalation.


Yesterday more details about the de-escalation of confinement measures were rolled out by the Health Department. It was explained that during Phase 1, which will begin on May 11 (in provinces that meet the set requirements, ) up to 10 people will be able to meet either in the open air or in their homes, provided that they maintain a personal distance of two meters. They will also be required to respect hygiene measures such as handwashing.

The use of cars during Phase 1 will also be subject to regulations. Vehicles will be permitted to be occupied by up to nine people, provided that they all live in the same home. If the occupants of a vehicle do not live together, a limit of one person in each row of seats will apply, and they will have to wear masks.

On public transport, passengers will have to try to observe the maximum interpersonal distance possible, and leave the row of seats behind the driver empty on buses.

During Phase 0 of the deescalation, which will begin on 4th May, minor construction projects will be permitted, including the refurbishment of housing and commercial premises. Such work will have to be carried out in conditions that guarantee the safety of workers and residents, and they will not be permitted if there are people living in the said properties. Labourers will not be permitted to use the common areas of the building where the work is taking place.

Retail outlets of up to 400 square meters in size will have to offer timetables for the over-65s. These will coincide with the set time for walks for seniors, which from today run from 10am to 12pm, and 7pm to 8pm.

Purchases (not including food and other essential items) will have to be made within your own home town, although in smaller areas where a certain item is not available, trips to nearby areas will be permitted.

Establishments will also have to be cleaned twice a day, all uniforms will have to be washed after their use, bathrooms cannot be used unless it is essential, and fitting rooms will have to be cleaned after each use.

Needles to say, employees will not be able to work if they have coronavirus symptoms nor if they are in quarantine after having been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.