All the provinces of the Comunitat Valenciana are now in Phase One.

Annex 10. In the Community of Valencia, the provinces of Castellón/Castelló, Valencia/València, and Alicante/Alacant


It will be possible to move around the whole province of your residence but it will not be allowed to travel to other provinces or areas except for exceptional circumstances such as health, work, professional or business reasons, return to the place of family residence, assistance and care of the elderly, dependents or people with disabilities, cause of force majeure or situations of a similar nature.

It will be possible to go to second residences as long as they are in the same province where one has one’s habitual residence.

The use of masks

Government and autonomous communities have agreed to extend the use of masks and it will be mandatory, on public transport, and also in closed spaces and on public roads if it is not possible to guarantee the minimum safety distance of two metres.

Shared use of private vehicles limited to two people per row of seats, and with a mask, is allowed. However, people who live in the same house may share, without the use of a mask, the same vehicle.

In the case of motorcycles (driver and passenger), the use of gloves and full-face helmet with visor or mask is obligatory, if they do not live in the same house.

If you have symptoms compatible with coronavirus you should isolate yourself and stay at home, call 900 300 555 or make an appointment with your health centre.

Social contact

Social contact can be maintained in small groups of no more than 10 people, except in the case of cohabitation, which is not limited.

Participation in a congregation for a funeral or cremation of the deceased is restricted to a maximum of 15 persons, including family members and relatives.


The retail and service trade (less than 400 square metres) can be opened without an appointment. It must reduce the capacity of its premises to 30 %. Open-air markets or non-sedentary street markets (flea markets) for food and staple products are adapted to the new regulation.

If they exceed the 400 m2 limit, they must limit the space to be reopened to the public by adjusting to this threshold, provided that they meet all the requirements of hygiene, distance, etc. The total capacity of the commercial premises be reduced to thirty percent.

In the case of establishments distributed in several floors, the presence of customers in each one of them will have to keep this same proportion. In the case of establishments and commercial premises located within parks or shopping centres, they may be reopened to the public provided that they have a useful exhibition and sales area to the public equal to or less than 400 square metres or limit it to this threshold, and have direct and independent access from the public highway.

Terraces in hotels and restaurants

The terraces of the hotel and catering establishments are reopened, with meetings of up to 10 people permitted and the number of tables allowed limited to 50 %.

Payment by card or other means that do not involve physical contact between devices should be sought, avoiding, as far as possible, the use of cash. The maximum occupation of the toilets is one person.

Reopening with capacity limitations

Cultural events and performances in both indoor and outdoor venues, with a limit of 30 people
Museums (1/3 capacity)
Registered companies can carry out active and nature tourism in limited groups of people.
Hotels and tourist accommodations reopen but with the common areas closed.
Individual sports activities can be carried out in sports centres, but by appointment, without physical contact or use of changing rooms.
Professional sportsmen and women can train individually and in the open air, within the limits of the province in which the sportsman or woman resides
The activity of the agri-food and fisheries sector is recovering with the same limitations that govern the retail trade.
Hunting activity is allowed in all its forms
The practice of sport and recreational fishing is allowed in all its modalities

Activities by appointment

Automotive dealers
The Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) stations
Garden centres and plant nurseries
Public gaming concessionaires at state level, except for of those located inside shopping malls.