Mare de Déu de Loreto Programme

    August 30, 2019 all-day
    Javea Port. * Various locations
    Av. de Lepanto
    20, 03730 Jávea, Alicante

    The Port explodes again with the Fiesta in honour of the Mare de Déu de Loreto.



    Friday, August 30

    6:00 p.m. Simultaneous Chess with the participation of the international master Francisco Sánchez-Guirado in C/Severo Ochoa.

    19:00 hours I Football Table Tournament organized by Peña El Tremoló and sponsored by Linmania in the C/Virgen de Loreto. Registration can be done by contacting the members of the club. There will be a bar and music  to liven up the atmosphere.

    22:00 . Brotherhood dinner on the promenade. The Comissió de Festes will invite all attendees to the aperitif, drink and dessert. Then dance with the TWISTER orchestra until 04:00.

    During this day, Customs residents will begin to decorate their homes, facades, streets and shop windows for the holidays this year. The merchants association, XÀBIA PORT, and the FESTIVAL COMMISSION have called three competitions with which they want to encourage decorating the main streets during the festivities and reward the creativity and skills of the most unique decorations. The terms of both contests are in the Book of the Fiestas 2019.

    The Comissió de Festes encourages all the neighbours, shops and establishments to participate in order to bring the festive atmosphere closer to all corners of Customs of the Sea and contribute to a greater show off of the fiestas.

    Saturday, August 31: Marine Peñas Day

    09:30 am . XX Open Ping Pong Mare de Déu de Loreto organized by the Xàbia Tennis Club. Registration can be made that same day at the Palau Municipal d’Esports.

    10:00 am XVII 3 × 3 Mare de Déu de Loreto Basketball Tournament (from Benjamin to Cadets). Organized by Joventut Xàbia Basketball Club . Registration at the Palau Municipal d’Esports until 10: 00h.

    4:30 pm Continuation of the XVII 3 × 3 Mare de Déu de Loreto Basketball Tournament (juniors and seniors). Organized by Joventut Xàbia Basketball Club.

    18:30 . Pasacalle de las Peñas Marineras through the streets of Customs.

    7:00 pm Presentation of the book The heroes of the first 50 years of VALENCIA CF in the house of the Comissió de Festes in C/Severo Ochoa. A literary project in which 105 Valencians have written a story about a player, triumph, character or anecdote of the first fifty years of the club’s history.

    00:00 hours CARNAVALIA ON TOUR . Macro-discomóvil on Avda Augusta  that combines in the same show the best music of the moment, animation, live performances and special effects. Until 05:00 a.m.

    Sunday, September 1: Boys and Girls day

    09:00 hours Children’s awakening starring the little ones on their big day of the Fiestas. Any child who wants to participate should bring their own instrument to C/ Jaime I Avenue but The Comissió de Festes will provide an instrument to all those who do not have one.

    10:00 hours Chocolate prepared and distributed by the neighbours of C/Doctor Fleming on Paseo Jaime I. Continuing with popular games on C/Triana. Then, traditional merengada on the Promenade. Afterwards there will be a water festival with the collaboration of Transport Montgó.

    10:00 am VII Exhibition of vintage vehicles on C/Doctor Fleming.

    11:00 hours Inauguration of the Children’s Park and Aquajocs on Paseo Jaime I.

    14:00 Paella, soft drinks and ice cream for all children offered by CELDA SL. and Supermarkets Coaliment on Severo Ochoa street.

    20:00 hours CABALGATA DE CARROZAS with the participation of numerous musical and animation groups will fill the streets of Customs with music and color. The parade will start from the Port and continue through the Plaza Presidente Adolfo Suárez, Santísimo Cristo del Mar, Lepanto, Antoni Llidó, Doctor Fleming, Jaime I and Plaza A. Suárez.

    21.30 . TRILOGY concert on the Promenade by the Filà Ballesters . There will be bar service.

    00:00 hours . CORREFOC by XARXA TEATRE with his show El Foc del Mar. Through the use of fire, dulzaina and tabal music, dance and an aesthetic inspired by the artist Joan Miró; This work recalls the most entrenched Mediterranean roots. Then, Bit Sound on the Promenade until 04:00.

    Monday, September 2

    23:00 hours Sensational PILATRIX car in Paseo Jaime I with the best music of the moment and many surprises. Until 03: 30h.

    Thursday, September 5

    23:00 hours Discomóvil organized by Peña Els Golossos on Paseo Jaime I with the best music of the moment until 03: 30h.

    Friday, September 6: Seniors Day

    10:30 am At the Casal de la Peña La Bufa, a brisca contest for those over 50.

    11:00 Traditional visit of Mayorales 2019 and the Comissió de Festes to the Asylum Hospital Hermanos Cholbi. Then, walk through the Historic Centre distributing Coca Maria and Mistela and visit the Santa María de Betania Day Centre. During the course of the same, a bouquet of flowers will be offered to the Patron in her niche of Loreto Street.

    12:30 pm La Peña La Bufa will invite our elders for a snack.

    1:00 pm General Bell Campaign announcing the religious celebrations in honour of our patrons.

    6:00 p.m. Peña La Bufa will visit the Asylum Hospital Hermanos Cholbi.

    8:00 PM OFFERING FLOWERS TO MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO. The Comissió de Festes invites all the Peñas, streets, associations, local festivities, residents of Customs and all Javea to participate in this very endearing act.

    11:30 p.m. ROUND NIGHT TO MAYORALESAS AND MAYORALES, starting at the Parroquia del Mar. At the end, on C/Severo Ochoa, a wine of honour will be offered courtesy of the Mayorales of 2019 and the Comissió de Festes.

    00.00 hours Performance of the STARS ON YEARS group on the Paseo Marítimo until 03: 00h.

    Saturday, September 7: Day of the Blessed Christ of the Sea

    09:00 We wake up with energy! Pilatrix musical parade through the streets of Customs organized by the Peñas Pili La Banyà and Liatrix.

    09:30 hours General bell flip signaling the celebration of the day in honour of the Blessed Christ of the Sea.

    12:00 pm Informal parade through the streets of Customs of the Mayoralesas, Mayorales and Comissió de Festes to the Santísimo Cristo del Mar street.

    12:15 pm Globotà under the decked out of Bartolomé Ros street for all children.

    13:00 FESTA DE CARRER in the Santísimo Cristo del Mar .The association of merchants and hoteliers XÀBIA PORT will announce and deliver the prizes to the winners of this year’s decorating contests.

    6:00 pm Pasacalle with the Band of Music and the Comissió de Festes to visit the decorations and accompany the Mayoralesas and Mayorales to the parish temple.

    7:00 pm Celebration of the Eucharist in honor of the Blessed Christ of the Sea. The Mass will be sung by the Parochial Choir. Next, PROCESSION OF THE HOLY CHRIST OF THE SEA through the streets of Customs. At the end of the procession, traditional MASCLETÀ DE COLORES on Jaime I. Avenue

    23:30 hours Nit to the fresh sea vora. Sensational DIVINAS Magazine that combines music, dance and the performance of the well-known humorist CARLOS LUNA on the Paseo Marítimo.

    00:00 hours Discomóvil organized by Peña La UCA on C/Doctor Fleming until 5: 00h.

    Sunday September 8: Day of the Virgin of Loreto

    8:00 . “Up with Joy” on the feast of the Mare de Déu de Loreto! Wake up through the streets of Customs.

    9:30 am General bell flip announcing the great day of our Patroness.

    11:00 . Pasacalle with the Band of Music and the Comissió de Festes to pick up the Mayoralesas and go to the parish temple.

    12:00 . Celebration of the Solemn Eucharist in honor of Our Patroness La Mare de Déu de Loreto with the assistance of municipal authorities, town hall of the Fishermen’s Association, representatives of other Fiestas, Mayoralesas and Mayorales of 2019, Comissió and town of Xàbia. The mass will be sung by the parish choir. At the end, parade of all attendees to the mascletà site and then deafening MASCLETÀ on Jaime I Avenue.

    7:00 p.m. Pasacalle of the Comissió de Festes and the Music Band to pick up the Mayorales and Mayoralesas and accompany them to the parish temple.

    20:00 . Solemn PROCESSION OF THE MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO through the streets of Customs.

    23:00 . Dance with the SYBERIA orchestra on the Paseo Marítimo.

    00:30 . Sensational CASTLE OF FIREWORKS AQUATIC with which we will close the festivities in honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto 2019. At the end the dance will continue with the orchestra until 03: 30h.