Jesús Pobre Fiesta Programme until June 15th

    Friday, June 7

    • 8:00 pm: General bell tolling announcing the beginning of the holidays.
    • 8:15 pm: Dance of the Groupe de Danses de Jesús Pobre .
    • 9:00 pm: Proclamation by the festers of the year 1989 (first year with women in the festival commission). Next, wine of honor courtesy of Bodegas Xaló .
    • 24:00 h: Great mobile dance Baila Conmigo in the sports center.

    Saturday, June 8

    • 2:00 pm: Go-Go beer sponsored by the lottery administration el Fortí and Carlos Coeter with a special appetizer!
    • 5:00 pm: Semifinals and final of Truc y Cau in the town square.
    • 6:30 pm: Departure from pilota to Pare Pere street.
    • 24:00 h: Montecarlo Orchestra at the sports center

    Sunday, June 9

    • 2:00 pm: Beer Go-Go sponsored by Pizarro Produccions.
    • 6:30 pm: Concentration of floats and troupes on Les Eres street and parade with the music of Xarangata .
    • 9:30 pm: Dinner on the street entertained by The Roller Coasters

    Monday, June 10. Day of Fireta

    • 8:00 am: Great awakening with a great ending.
    • 12:00 h: Parade with Dolçaina i Tabalet .
    • 12:30 h: Major Mass in honor of Jesus Pobre. Then a firearm will fire.
    • 8:00 pm: Offering of flowers to Jesús Pobre and procession. Next, a nocturnal ground mascletà will be fired .
    • 23:00 h: Performance of the Instrumental Group of Jesús Pobre in the town square.


    Tuesday June 11th. Children’s Day

    • 10:30 am: Inauguration of the playground.
    • 12:30 h: Release of cows and bulls from the La Paloma ranch.
    • 2:30 pm: Beer to Go-Go sponsored by a collaborator.
    • 4:00 pm: The playground returns.
    • 7:00 pm: Children’s theater INQUIRIE, sponsored by the Diputación de Alicante.
    • 9:30 pm: Dinner on the street and costume contest with Los Bradmis. Prize to the best disguise.

    Wednesday June 12. Day of Les Quintades

    • 9:00 am: Despertà
    • 10:00 am: Popular beast lunch
    • 6:00 pm: Orchestra La Titanic in the square.

    Thursday, June 13. Bou Day

    • 2:30 pm: Beer to Go-Go sponsored by Dispelevante Distributions.
    • 5:00 pm: Snack for the children of the town sponsored by the EATIM of Jesús Pobre.
    • 22:00 h: IV Night March.

    Friday, June 14. Rock night

    • 8:00 am: Despertà.
    • 2:00 pm: Popular paella. Next, agualimón sponsored by the ice cream shop Ca el Tramusser will be distributed.
    • 5:00 pm: Traditional games.
    • 23:00 h: Rock night at the sports center with Diaspora , Niña Coyote Eta Chico Tornado , Crim and Juantxo Skalari .

    Saturday, June 15

    • 2:30 pm: Beer at Go-Go sponsored by the Strawberry Yogurt design studio.
    • 11:30 pm: Siberia Orchestra in the town square. At the break the end of parties fire will be triggered.

    The Fiestas commission reserves the right to change or suppress any act it deems appropriate. The mistreatment of animals is strictly prohibited.