Gemini Man in English at IMF Ondara

    October 11, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
    Av. Costa Blanca
    1, 03760 Ondara, Alicante

    Gemini Man

    A hitman (Will Smith), too old to continue working, wants to retire. But, for this, he must face a formidable last rival that is not going to be easy at all: a clone of himself with 25 years less who can predict each of his movements. Ang Lee’s second film shot in 4K HD at a speed of 120fps after Billy Lynn (2019). Based on a concept by Darren Lemke, the film was scheduled to be produced by Walt Disney Pictures with Jerry Bruckheimer in 1997. Tony Scott and Curtis Hanson were two of those selected to direct the film. At that time, Disney’s animation / visual effects department, The Secret Lab, developed a short test, known as the Human Face Project, to create visual effects for the film, which would imply creating a younger CG clone of the main actor.

    Showing Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October at 6pm and Monday 14th to Thursday 17th October at 6.30pm.