Denia Fallas CANCELLED

    February 22, 2020 all-day
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    On 10th March this event was cancelled by local government due to Corona Virus

    Saturday February 22

    5.45 p.m .: Concentration of the falleros / as responsible 2019 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento 6.30 p.m : Arrival of the major falleras of Dénia
    6.35 p.m . : Parade at the Ninot exhibition
    7.00 p.m : Inauguration of the 2019 Ninot exhibition at the Lonja de Dénia
    9.30 p.m : Gala meal Fallero

    Sunday February 23

    5:00 pm: Visit to the Major Falleras of Dénia, courses of honor and the local Fallas council at the Santa Lucia residence
    6:30 pm: In the Real Club Náutico de Dénia, Gala Fallera Infantil.

    Saturday February 29

    6.15 p.m .: Gathering in Marqués de Campo
    6.30 p.m . : Parade to Plaza del Consell
    7.30 p.m .: Pregón in Plaza del Consell
    9.30 p.m: Supper in the tent of Torrecremada

    Sunday March 1

    12 noon: Fallas concert of the Agrupació Artística Musical de Dénia at the crossroads of Paseo Saladar and Diana street, organized by Falla Saladar

    March 1-14

    2:00 p.m . : Firecrackers

    Sunday March 8

    Last day of the Exposición del Ninot
    10:30 am : Concentration of the falla Oeste in the Plaza Valgamediós
    11:00 am : Gathering of commissions in the following order: FFMM of Dénia, local council of Fallas, Roques, Darrere del Castell, Campaments, Camp Roig, París Pedrera, Saladar, Diana, Port Rotes, Baix la Mar and Centro
    1:30 p.m .: Banners in Falla Oeste
    2:00 p.m . : Mascletà in plaza Valgamediós
    2:30 p.m . : Tasting of peanuts, chips and lupis for assistants in Moncada Street

    March 9-16

    Planting with fallas

    Photos: Nick Godfrey

    Saturday March 14

    20h00 : First Nit of Albades of the main fallas of Dénia with the following order:
    Falleras mayores de Dénia
    Falla les Roques
    Falla Ouest
    Falla Campaments
    Darrere Falla del Castell
    Falla Baix la Tue
    12.30am: Correfocs with the Colla de Dimonis Inga-Ya. Final start of Marqués de Campo, near Cruz Roja, and ends in the plaza del Consell

    Sunday March 15

    10:00 am: “Almuerzo” in the casals
    2:00 pm: Shooting of petars in the falleros districts 8:00
    pm : Segunda Nit d’Albades:
    Falla Camp Roig
    Falla París-Pedrera
    Falla Saladar
    Falla Diana
    Falla Port Rotes
    Falla Centro

    Monday March 16

    12:30 p.m .: Plantà de la falla in the districts of Dénia
    2:00 p.m .: Shooting of petars in the districts of falleros
    5:30 p.m . : Plantà snack for children. Chocolate, coca maria and cake will be distributed to visitors
    6.30 p.m .: Courtesy visit of the Falleras Mayores de Dénia, courses of honor and local council of Fallera in the districts of Fallas in the following order:
    Falla Les Roques
    Falla Baix la Mar
    Darrere Falla del Castell
    Falla Campaments
    Falla Ouest
    Falla Camp Roig
    Falla Paris-Pedrera
    Falla Saladar
    Diana Fail
    Falla Port Rotes
    Falla Center

    Tuesday March 17

    07:00 am : Despertà in the falleros districts
    08:30 am: Jury visit to the fallas
    09:00 am: Visit to the rest of the juries
    10:45 am: Concentration of all the commissions in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
    11:00 am: Act tribute to the Falleras Mayores de Dénia and the main falleras of the Roques , Darrere and Baix la Tue
    1:00 pm: Prize giving ceremony for infantile fallas at the town hall
    2:00 pm: Mascletà in the different falleros districts 6:15
    pm: Concentration of all the committees in Patricio Ferrándiz street.
    8:30 p.m .: Award of the 2020 fallas at the town hall
    11:00 p.m . : Balls in the falleros districts

    Wednesday March 18

    07:00 am: Despertà in the falleras demarcations
    11:15 am: Concentration of the commissions in the plaza del Consell
    14:00: Mascletà in the districts of falleros
    18:00: Concentration of the commissions in the Plaza del Consell
    20:00: Entrance of the music groups by the Marqués de Campo street and the rue Diana to the town hall square, where they will perform “El Fallero” together.
    9:30 p.m .: Mascletà on Place Jaume I
    11:00 p.m : Balls in the falleros districts

    Thursday March 19 – Saint-Joseph

    7:00 am: Despertà in the falleras demarcations 8:00
    am: Despertà infantil
    10:00 am: Parades in the falleras demarcations
    11:00 am: Mass in honor of Saint Joseph in the Church of the Assumption
    11:30 am: Flower offering in honor of the Virgen de los Desamparados. Itinerary: Calle Marqués de Campo, Diana, Magallanes, Plaza del Convent.
    2.30 p.m .: Mascletaes in the Fallas districts
    5.00 p.m: Parade in the falleros districts
    6.30 p.m : Reception of new presidents in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

    Cremà de las Fallas de Dénia 2020

    8:00 p.m . : Cremà de la falla de la Junta Local Fallera de Dénia

    Infantile Fallas:

    8:30 p.m .: Cremà of infantile fallas of the first section except that of the first prize (including the 1st Grup de Mariners).
    9:00 p.m .: Cremà de la falla infantile de la Sección Primera and falas infantiles de la Sección Especial except the 1st premio.
    9:30 p.m .: Cremà de la falla infantil winning the Sección Especial.

    Fallas Grandes – Sección Primera

    10:30 p.m . : Cremà de las fallas from the 7th and 6th prices.
    11:00 p.m . : Cremà de las fallas from the 5th and 4th prices.
    11:30 p.m . : Cremà de las fallas from the 3rd and 2nd price.
    11.45 pm: Cremà de la falla of the 1st prize.

    Fallas Grandes – Sección Especial

    12:30 am: Cremà de las fallas from the 4th and 3rd prices.
    1:15 am : Cremà de la falla of the 2nd prize.
    1:30 am: Cremà de la falla of the 1st prize.

    The “cremà” hours are approximate. The public is invited to respect the rules and regulations established by both the fire department and the Civil Protection of Dénia.

    The fallas of Dénia and the local council of Fallera thank the city of Dénia, the security forces, the firefighters, the Civil Protection, the Red Cross, the volunteers and the public and private entities for their collaboration in the enlargement of the groups falleros in our city.

    The local council of the Fallas de Dénia reserves the right to make changes to the 2020 program due to unforeseeable circumstances that may arise, whether or not linked to the feast of fallas.

    Photo: Fili Navarette