Europe gives the green light to the covid passport

Pay attention to the final paragraph!

This certificate will allow free movement in Europe during the pandemic

The European Parliament has given the green light to the ‘EU COVID-19 Certificate’ , a document that will allow free movement throughout Europe during the pandemic and will be limited to twelve months . Spain’s objective is to implement this document by June .

This covid passport will allow the return of the trips, a situation that during the pandemic has been highly complicated because a negative PCR was necessary hours before taking the plane.

Without a doubt, this document opens the door to the recovery of the tourism sector and the national economy .

This document may be issued in digital or paper format and will indicate that the person has been vaccinated against covid-19 , that a test with a negative result has recently been carried out or that the person has passed the disease. 

However, Europe has made it clear that this certificate cannot be used as a travel document or be mandatory for free movement .

Holders of the ‘EU COVID-19 Certificate’ should not be subject to additional travel restrictions, such as quarantine, self-isolation or testing, as explained by the European Parliament, so MEPs also claim that, to avoid discrimination against not vaccinated, the tests must be universal, accessible and free .