Many of you have been asking questions about the restrictions around driving in Spain during the state of emergency. Here are the key points:

1. You should not be making unnecessary journeys. If you need to go somewhere there should be one person only per vehicle, unless you are accompanied by someone with a disability, a minor, an elderly person or for another justifiable cause. Whilst we cannot specify what would be considered justifiable, some of you have asked us about driving a partner to a hospital or other medical appointment. We cannot guarantee that this would be accepted, but should you choose to make this journey we recommend that the passenger sits in the back behind the front passenger seat and that you carry documentation showing the purpose of your journey.

2. The Interior Ministry and Policia Local have confirmed that cars and minivans carrying families/groups of passengers is permitted, as long as the purpose of the journey is to return to your country of residence. All passengers should carry their passports, proof of where they live and evidence of their onward journey (e.g. ferry booking). Please refer to our previous posts on the need for a declaration to drive through France and the letter from the British Embassy that you can use.
3. You should take public transport or taxi to the airport, rather than being driven by friends. If you are travelling as a family you may be required to take separate taxis. Some taxi companies will only take customers wearing face masks. Please check at the time of booking.