Don’t Panic Buy!.. why you do not need to…..

Or as they say in Liverpool “Calm Down!”

The general director of Asucova , (Asociación Supermercados Comunidad Valenciana), Pedro Reig Català, who represents more than 950 commercial establishments of the well-known food chains such as: Mercadona, Consum, Masymas, Dialprix, Dialsur, Supervalu, Dicost, has carried out an appeal for calm and responsible purchasing in the face of the state of alarm that is being experienced today in the national territory due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Regarding our area, Reig indicated that “in the Valencian Community we have an extensive network of food stores, totalling more than 2,200, which means a lot of variety near the houses and for all kinds of customers “adding that” stores are restocked daily, and this supply is being reinforced several times a day. The supply is assured and there is no reason for unnecessary shopping ”

The head of Asucova has shown that “it is necessary for people to collaborate, buy responsibly and do not make unnecessary purchases so that all consumers (especially older people) can access the products they need.”

Thus, “there is no reason for the massive haording of products” since, as indicated by the Asociación Supermercados Comunidad Valenciana, “supplies and therefore the supply of the population is guaranteed

Finally, Reig calls for citizen collaboration with store staff since “workers are giving their all and we must collaborate so that this continues to be the case.”