The option of requesting an appointment with the Health Centre in the event of presenting clinical symptoms compatible with coronavirus infection has now been made possible on the website of the Ministry of Health. The website was launched on 26th March.

The appointment is requested by entering the SIP number and date of birth, and confirming your contact phone number. You ( or the person you are representing) will then will receive a call as soon as possible with the confirmation of the appointment. The status of the appointment will be reported through the website, ie: -requested, confirmed or made.

If during the first phone call the health professional identifies the case as possible of coronavirus, the rest of the phone appointments to follow up on the case will be scheduled by the health professional. From that moment, you will receive periodic calls to verify your (or the patient’s) health status and help you with any questions and needs you may have.

If they have other symptoms than those indicated, the user must contact the health centre through the usual appointment roads.