Put the clocks back at 3am on Sunday 25th October.

This MAY be the last time…

On March 4, 2019, the EU Transport and Tourism Committee voted 23 in favor to 11 against the Commission Proposal to end the seasonal clock change, reports the European Parliament Press Room.

Decision extended from 2019 to 2021

Originally, the European Commission issued a draft directive in September 2018 to permanently scrap DST in the EU within April 1, 2019, making the upcoming DST change on March 31the last time clocks in the EU and affiliated countries would spring forward.

Yesterday’s vote in the Transport and Tourism Committee confirms the contents in the compromise proposal and is another formal step towards EU permanently abolishing DST, with the deadline extended to 2021.

Each Member State will then have until April 2020 to decide whether to remain permanently on “summer time” or to change their clocks back one final time to permanent standard time, also known as “winter time”.

Permanent DST or Standard Time

If the European Parliament approves the draft, EU citizens will no longer set their clocks back and forth one hour after 2021.

If the draft proposal is approved, it will repeal the existing DST directive in the European Union: Directive 2000/84/EC.