Las Provincias has today written a super article about Candida Wright that I think deserves to be shared around for all to read.


“Solidarity has its reward. This is the understanding of the UK monarchy, who have rewarded her with the medal of the Order of the British Empire. Candida Wright, a resident of Ondara, has devoted a large part of her life to helping her countrymen in the region through Help of Dénia and Marina Alta.

Candida Wright. MBE

It is one of the most important recognitions that an English citizen can receive and Candy now joins other notorious personalities such as members of the Beatles, the singer Adele, the athletes Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Harry Kane, among many others.

Candida Wright, interpreter by profession and currently president of Help Dénia and Marina Alta, has been linked to this association practically since its creation 35 years ago. She declares “I was at some of the first meetings, although I started volunteering a few years later”.

The objective of this association, she explains, is to advise, assist and support the British residents of the region, especially on issues related to the health sector. Candy has been volunteering for over 20 years when the information point was set up at the counter of the old La Pedrera hospital in Dénia.” Years later they went to the Marina Salud Hospital.

Since its inception, Help of Dénia and Marina Alta have helped thousands of people, “not only British people, but also other European residents who do not speak Spanish,” she says.

In addition to advice and assistance service and supplying interpreters in the local hospital, the group also has a range of medical and nursing equipment that provides the people and families that require it, “we have orthopedic beds that we provide to families who have sick family in home care. But the solidarity of Candida is not limited to the work she does in Help Dénia and Marina Alta. “I have always tried to help people because my father got a job offer here when I was 13 and the family then settled here in this region that I now call my home.

Currently she also coordinates the theatre group ‘Careline Theatre’ in Alcalali, another charity project that earmarks the collection of works, associations and entities such as Fontilles Foundation.

This dedication to other people earned Candy the ‘Point of light’ recognition from the British Prime Minister. It is an award that recognizes the work of volunteering.

On May 16, she will attend the last of the ceremonies that the Royal House has organized this year to present the awards to the winners. The act will take place at Buckingham Palace. A few weeks ago she received the accreditation……. “I got a pink card with the acronym BP and at first I did not fall in! I thought it was British Petroleum,” she confessed.

One of the members of the Windsor family will be responsible for delivering the distinction, ” It may be Prince Charles, the heir to the throne William or Queen Elizabeth II,” although Candida acknowledges that she would be “very excited” to receive her award from the Queen herself.