At last good news for the self employed

The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, has communicated on Twitter that the Executive will allow self-employed workers to access the exemption.

The self-employed may collect aid of 700 euros and stop paying fees. 

The president of ATA ( Asociación Trabajadores Autónomos) , Lorenzo Amor, has invited self-employed workers to request the benefit for cessation of activity to thus access the exemption of quotas and aid. 

From now on and as long as the state of alarm lasts, a managing entity will take over and pay for the self-employed , so the registration with Social Security will be maintained. The procedures can be started and the corresponding benefit will be charged one month past due and will be extended for one month. ( Speak to your gestor)

After the economic measures to alleviate the coronavirus crisis were made public last Tuesday, the ATA president complained that 1.6 million self-employed remained “in the gutter” for not being able to collect the new benefit and that they would have to continue to pay. 

In an interview published today by ABC, Amor said that they represent 18% of the employed in Spain. “The cost of exempting all the self-employed from quotas, not some as claimed, is 1,000 million a month, 2,000 million in total,” points out Amor.

Amor has requested aid to the Government on several occasions as, if the state of alarm is prolonged for the next two months, the self-employed will have no income and therefore should not pay the fee to Social Security.

 Until the Executive’s rectification, the law required that, in order to access this aid, the self-employed must unsubscribe from the Treasury and Social Security , something that the million self-employed workers could not do because they would previously have had to fire their staff.

“If this happens, not only will there be permanent lay-offs, but many will take a long time to hire again because they will have to recover first. If they do not realise this fact, it can take a long time for their jobs to recover, “said Amor.

For full clarification, please consult your gestor.