Benitachell Schedules Free Tourist Tours for the Summer

Benitachell would like visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the municipality through vineyards, riuraus, haunted caves and cliffs, through some tourist routes prepared by the Tourism Department and directed by Victor Bisquert.

They have scheduled two routes, one inland and one coastal. 

The interior, “Història i patrimoni pobler” discovers the Iberian, Roman and Muslim past of the municipality. An historical, cultural and gastronomic tour that starts in the town itself, with a guided tour of the church of Santa Maria Magdalena, the door of the old wall “El Portalet” and the oratory Jaume Llobell. Then the route takes you through the traditional architecture with a visit to the Riuraus and Pous de l’Abiar, the archaeological site of the Cova de les Bruixes and the landscape of vineyards. 

The inland tours can be booked from now until September, on Fridays at 6.30 p.m.

The “Ruta dels penya-segats” discovers the coast. It runs along the cliff and ends at Cala Llebeig. The road is not easy. Culebrea for the Moraig fault, cliffs and ravines. It becomes clear why this cove was once a nest for smugglers. 

The covetes, peculiar constructions of dry stone in dry that are close to recesses of the cliff. Menories of the black market and of the hard life for fishermen and farmers of the area. They refer to a time when the sea and this harsh coastline meant lives of suffering and survival.

The approximate duration of both routes is two and a half hours. 

Registration can be made at the Tourist Office or by calling 96 649 35 46, at Benitatxell or The meeting point is at the Tourist Office, at Calle Mercado, 1.