From now until January 5,  Dénia has a complete program of events for all ages.

The royal postmen will arrive on Thursday 3rd January. Plus a multitude of children’s activities during school holidays.


Thursday, December 27

  • Children’s workshop: decoration of cookies.
    At the 17: 30 hours in the painting classroom of the Social Centre of Dénia

Friday, December 28

  • Children’s workshop: I came to play amb music.
    In the charge of the Musical Artistic Association of Dénia. At the 17: 30 hours in the Social Centre auditorium.

Saturday, December 29

  • Urbajove.
    From 16: 00 to 23: 15 hours in the Youth car park.
    Graffiti, soap bubble workshop, games, wish tree, Escape Room and twelve chimes with popcorn
  • Carols in the Santa Lucia Residence.
    From the 16: 30 hours, the choir of the Home of the Retiree of Dénia will sing Christmas carols for the residents of Santa Lucía.

Sunday, December 30

  • Family outing: living crib and ice rink in Elche. 
    Organized by the Youth Department. Sobaquillo or free food. Price of the excursion: 7 euros. Registration in Youth (966423700).
  • Family Cinema: Orm al regne de la neu.
    At 12: 00 hours in the Social Centre auditorium. Free admission

Monday, December 31

  • New Year’s Eve party.
    Encouraged by the Orchestra No Comment on Calle Marqués de Campo from 23: 30 hours until the 4 am.

Wednesday, January 2

  • Children Storyteller: One sea, one thousand
    Recycling workshop for boys and girls from 5 to 10 years. At 17: 30 hours at the Social Centre

Thursday, January 3

  • Royal postmen.
    At 17: 30 the royal postmen will arrive , who will collect the letters of the children for the Magi until 20: 30 hours in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Friday, January 4

  • Children Storyteller: The flower of l’oblit.
    Recycling workshop for boys and girls from 5 to 10 years. From the 17: 30 hours in the Social Centre.

Saturday, January 5

  • VII Race Roscón de Reyes.
    From 10: 00 to 13: 00 hours at the Marina Marina de Denia. Organized by the Club of Rem Dénia with the collaboration of the Department of Sports of the City of Dénia.
  • Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos and Reception at City Hall.
    At 18: 00 hours, the Magi will arrive at the port of Dénia and will parade with their pages to the Town Hall, where the local authorities will receive them and address the children from the balcony.

Three Kings Parade in Denia January 2018