Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reality Facebook….

How long would you last? ;) 

Animal Antics!

Just a selection of JC Group pinned post pictures starring animated animals just to make you smile. :)  Have a great weekend all.  Click the...

Indian “Summers” In Spain”

He had so much fun....Bless him!!!  :-D 

Spanish Red Tape….. Be Prepared – Watch the Video….

Spain likes a little bit  of paperwork and loves you to visit their offices armed with as much of it as you can load...

Lost in Translation.. Just a Little!

Last week police in Benitachell wished to issue a parking warning. Well spotted Jo Pugh!! I think people got the message though  :lol: 

Alexa For Seniors!

I am not sure how many people rely on Alexa to run part of their lives but I have certainly had a lot of...

“What”??…… “Doesn’t Matter” …..

How many of us can relate to this?? ;-)  Scientists have successfully concluded that 95% of married life is shouting ‘What?’ from other rooms. The...

Mr Biggles the Utter B*****d of a Cat!!

OK, I do know that the majority of the members on Javea Connect love and adore animals of all kinds, but especially cats and...

Jorge!!! (Take 1)

I have just discovered Jorge! Jorge Cremades from Alicante is one of the most influential creators on the current scene. More than 70 million people...